BS 4800 Colour Chart

The colour chart shown below is for guidance only, how the colours appear will depend upon your monitor and browser type. Colours appear differently on different computers...

00A01 00A05 00A09 00A13 02C33 02C37
02C39 02C40 04B15 04B17 04B21 04C33
04C37 04C39 04D44 04D45 04E49 04E51
04E53 06C33 06C37 06C39 06D43 06D45
06E50 06E51 06E56 08B15 08B17 08B21
08B25 08B29 08C31 08C35 08C37 08C39
08E51 10A03 10A07 10A11 10B15 10B17
10B21 10B25 10B29 10C31 10C33 10C35
10C39 10D43 10D45 10E49 10E50 10E53
12B15 12B17 12B21 12B25 12B29 12C33
12C39 12D43 12D45 12E51 12E53 14C31
14C35 14C39 14C40 14E51 14E53 16C33
16C37 16D45 16E53 18B17 18B21 18B25
18B29 18C31 18C35 18C39 18D43 18E49
18E50 18E51 18E53 20C33 20C37 20C40
20D45 20E51 22B15 22B17 22C37 22D45
24C33 24C39

00E53 00E55

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