LivePicture Go.


LivePicture bridges the gap between plant and art to offer a constant talking point as the arrangement changes over time. Unusual and beautiful, LivePicture brings new life and interest to any bare wall. It hangs on the wall as easily as a painting with no electricity and no water connection needed, instead the living picture has a smart, integrated watering system which contains sufficient water for approximately 4 weeks. LivePicture can be supplied in white, silver grey or anthracite. LivePicture Go is available in white, red, grey and black.

Code Size (mm)
LivePicture Go 516 W x 516 H x 112 D
LivePicture 1 720 W x 720 H x 70 D
LivePicture 2 1120 W x 720 H x 70 D
LivePicture 3 1520 W x 720 H x 70 D
LivePicture 4 1920 W x 720 H x 70 D
LivePicture XL 1120 W x 1700 H x 70 D

LivePicture all sizes. LivePicture full range. LivePicture Go colours.   
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