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Interior plants improve your office, your home, your school...

Decorfolia interior landscaping have been supplying office plants, orchids and stylish 'unreal' floristry displays throughout the south of England since 1976.

Based in Hampshire and broadly covering an area from Bournemouth, including Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and the whole of the M3 corridor to London. We are proud to supply interior planting to a wide range of clients from small start-up businesses, local government offices, hospitals, schools, shops and private homes, to national and international companies. All of our clients, whether large or small, are important to us and we are happy to boast that some of our original customers are still with us. We firmly believe that 'good old fashioned' quality service and integrity are the basis of good business.

Not only do our tailor made displays bring life and colour to your environment but indoor plants have a beneficial effect on the air quality and acoustics in the work place and can also add to the physical and mental well-being of your staff. There is well documented research stating that workers in offices with healthy, well cared for interior plants are more productive and tend to take less sick leave!

Think what a good investment renting or buying tropical plant displays could be...

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