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Column planters

Tall Column planters

These architectural planters are made from tough fibreglass and are available in four diameters and heights up to one and a half metres. They can be used individually or clustered in groups to great effect. Most RAL CLASSIC colours in matt, satin or gloss available.

British MadeBritish made

CodeSize (mm)
TTP300315 Dia x 300 H
TTP600315 Dia x 600 H
TTP900315 Dia x 900 H
TTP1000315 Dia x 1000 H
TTP1200315 Dia x 1200 H
TTP1500315 Dia x 1500 H
Col 1
350 Dia x 600 H
Col 2
350 Dia x 750 H
Col 3
350 Dia x 900 H
400 Dia x 400 H
CYL40/60400 Dia x 600 H
CYL40/80400 Dia x 800 H
CYL40/90400 Dia x 900 H
CYL40/100400 Dia x 1000 H
CYL40/120400 Dia x 1200 H
TTP450XL450 Dia x 450 H
TTP700XL450 Dia x 700 H
TTP900XL450 Dia x 900 H
TTP1200XL450 Dia x 1200 H
TTP1500XL450 Dia x 1500 H

Column planter 315mm diameter x 1000mm tall

Column planters with Zamioculcas...

Column planter 400mm diameter x 600mm tall

Short Column planted with a Ferocactus...

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