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15 March 2023

Cycle to Work

DECADES ago, I remember cycling to school in all weathers and then to work, sometimes up to 14 miles a day, with a train journey in the middle! Then, without a car after my first child was born, I cycled everywhere with her on a child’s seat fixed to the back. After a certain age, I thought bike riding may be a thing of the past for me, until I rented out an ebike and travelled around The New Forest for a day.

I have to admit I hadn’t had so much fun for years! The seed was sown and I was determined to get my own ebike and use it to cycle to work.

18 months later, I approached Pat (the MD) and organised membership of a Cycle to Work scheme. It’s backed by government and can enable savings to be made on the upfront cost of an ebike. After a couple of weeks waiting for my new cycle to arrive, here she is! (I decorated the basket!)

Picture of Sue's EBike
Sue's EBike...

She’s a dream to ride, I can get up to 15mph with barely more effort than a gentle stroll! Now I cycle to work every chance I get and get to take the bike out at weekends too. I know some of you might call it cheating, but it has definitely been the best purchase I’ve made for years. Go on, give it a try!

For more info about Cycle to Work schemes visit  Saddle up and save and Cycle to work scheme 

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