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16 December 2011

Iggy the office cat

I understand that a number of our company invoices and documents have recently been "signed" by Iggy the office cat.

For those of you working in lovely modern, tidy offices, I have to explain that Decorfolia is based on a small nursery in the New Forest National Park. Our office is a bright, warm and cosy cabin that we share with our resident "rodent officer", Iggy. He moved to the nursery with us from our original New Milton site and settled in very well.

Photo of Iggy the office cat.

Iggy joined the Decorfolia team about seven years ago as a battered and bruised semi-feral moggy tired of his travels. He fears nothing or nobody which has nearly cost him his life on a number of occasions. A tactic he uses often when Mark is going home is to lay down under his running motor cycle so it cannot be moved. Another incident, which ended with one of his toes being bitten off, was a fight with a fox twice his size. Iggy is not the brightest cat...

As we are unsure exactly how old he is the vet keeps a good eye on him, and he is on daily medication for a bit of a thyroid problem (Iggy, not the vet).

On the very odd occasions that one of us is unable to get to the nursery - Mark trudged through last year's snow to make sure Iggy was OK (although I think he also checked on his bees too!) he is happy to move into the horse stables next door where Storm's bedding can be a very acceptable alternative to Pat's desk...

So, if you do receive some paperwork from us with a small paw print, please accept our apologies, but rest assured that your documents have been proof read and stamped by the "boss".

Photo of Iggy being helpful...
Iggy being helpful...

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