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25 September 2023

Post COVID-19 office planting

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting effect on office life causing many businesses to reassess their workplaces. Many are trying to create working environments that are reassuringly safe and welcoming to encourage employees back after months working from home, plus adapting to a more flexible working arrangement with their employees to allow a mix of working from home or the workplace.

Office design has evolved very quickly to accommodate this with fewer desks and more planted areas to create islands and barriers. Meeting huddles with greenery around, cafeterias and lounges for casual meetings with mixed planting to create small jungles, cabinets by desks covered in trailing foliage, all of which helps deaden sound but also creates a feeling of ease and calm. Living plants are proven to be beneficial to human health and our mental well-being thanks to the biophilic benefits we get from being close to nature. For more info visit  Biophilic Design. 

Decorfolia has been involved in a number of projects over the last couple of years to 'plant up' these new designs and I hope the photos below give you an idea of how plants can help make the work environment a calming place to be...

Please see the images below from a few of the projects we have been involved with.

Select a thumbnail to view a larger image and use the 'arrows' to navigate...

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